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about boylesofslane - About Us

Boyles is a common surname in Ireland derived from the Irish Gaelic O Baoighill, it means “having profitable pledges.” Slane, on the other hand, is a small village in the county of Meath in Ireland.

The is the inspiration behind the name of the magazine and now, we will tell you the inspiring story behind the magazine and its community.

Bailey Barry Loves Rock N’ Roll

Bailey Barry, a resident of Slane was passionate about Rock N’ Roll ever since he was young. Back in 2010, Barry was 22 years old and was working as a line repairman in the community. Barry’s passion for Rock N’ Roll drove him to open a small music centre right at his home for children.

He was a talented musician and he shared that expertise with anyone who wanted to learn. After two years, Barry was able to train more than 30 children on different instruments and even singing.

With his own money, he staged a small community concert wherein the kids could show off what they’ve learned and to give the people something to look forward to. The small concert was a success and people started calling the concert “Boyles of Slane.”

This gave Barry the opportunity to start his own event organization business.

Long story short, he was able to do so and he decided to share every milestone of the business through an entertainment magazine.