Must-Visit Pubs in Ireland

Irish pubs are known for their quality beers and live music. Most Irish pubs, even those outside Ireland always have the element of live music for authenticity. There are hundreds of pubs here in Ireland and choosing which one to visit near you can be hard.

That is why we want to help make things a lot easier for you. Here’s a list of the top pubs you certainly need to visit at least once or twice.

Powers Thatch

Many people say Powers Thatch is the place to be during St. Patrick’s Day. Well, looks like that is something for you to decide if you ever visited this pub located in Galway. You are sure to enjoy their homemade Guinness and honey bread.

The interior might be a little quirky, but everything really plays well because of the welcoming environment.

You are sure to enjoy some traditional music or folk music brought to you by local acts and sometimes, drunk people. This is truly a place to be and a place to belong, even if it is just your first time visiting.

Must Visit Pubs in Ireland irish pub - Must-Visit Pubs in Ireland

Bridge St Bar

This time we go to the county of Mayo. The Bridge St Bar is a cool and suave looking pub that offers world-class beers and wines from all over the globe. The interior design of this pub is miles away from Powers.

It offers a slick bar and well-organized spaces to maximize space and to make sure you’ll feel as comfortable as you can be. Live music in this place is very relaxing and soothing. As a bonus, they offer free Wi-Fi so you can update your friends online that you are having one of the best nights of your life.

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The Tin Pub

The Tin Pub in the small village of Ahakista in Cork offers a whole new pub experience. You get to drink crafted beer with the view of the magnificent lake. This is not your usual pub as it has an outside area where you can be one with nature and at the same time enjoy the best beer of your life.

Their cheeseburger and veggie burgers are legendary by the way so make sure to give those a try. The Tin Pub is not just a pub, by the way, it is also a venue for several events and occasions like cocktail parties and weddings.

The next time you are ever in Ireland, make sure to visit at least one of these pubs. We promise you that you won’t regret doing so and that you’ll be making an amazing memory you will cherish forever.