Top Reasons Why People Go to Irish Pubs

This is not an exaggeration but there are really more than a thousand Irish pubs all over the globe. Do you know why Irish pubs are so popular wherever they maybe? The top reason would be because Ireland is known as one of the top countries when it comes to creating/brewing world-class beers and other alcoholic drinks.

These pubs are also known for their authenticity and conviviality. An Irish pub is mainly a place for people to drink but, in Ireland, these places are known not only for their alcoholic drinks and food.

We found out the top reasons why people go to Irish pubs. We’ve taken away the top reason of them all which is world-class beers.

Traditional Music

Top Reasons Why People Go to Irish Pubs singer - Top Reasons Why People Go to Irish Pubs

When you go to an Irish pub, it is unlikely that you’ll hear EDM or rave music. Instead, you will be delighted by a couple of oldies or maybe some open mic nights. In Irish pubs, performers are always welcome and all they really need to bring is mostly a guitar and an angelic voice.

Most pubs here in Ireland, especially the best ones have live music every night.

Socialize with Strangers

Top Reasons Why People Go to Irish Pubs talking bar - Top Reasons Why People Go to Irish Pubs

Some people go to pubs on their own, while others go with friends or family. But an Irish pub is always a great place to meet and even socialize with strangers. We know about the saying, “don’t talk to strangers.”

But an Irish pub is actually a place to forget about that famous saying and well, go talk to a stranger. But, always be cautious though. A pub is a great place to socialize because people are always welcoming no matter where you came from. Here in Ireland, as long as you can handle your alcohol intake, you’ll always have a friend nearby.

Most pubs in Ireland are now operating with Wi-Fi and even though it is frowned upon by most, it is actually a good thing. People are able to share their experience instantaneously online. People can even make money on the spot by playing online casino games. Like the ones in Play Ruby Fortune.

Enjoy Great Food

Top Reasons Why People Go to Irish Pubs bar foods - Top Reasons Why People Go to Irish Pubs

Once again, pubs are not just for drinking. In our experiences, we discovered a lot of pubs here in Ireland that serve great full course meals, snacks, and even desserts. You might have been going to your usual Irish pub and just going straight for the beers.

You might want to consider taking a look at their menu and actually ordering something. Trust us, you’ll never go wrong with that. Make sure to ask the opinion of the staff or some of the regulars.

By the way, here are some tips before going to an Irish pub.